CEO 17


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PO3 Toy Design

For this project, I went through a lot of trial and error. I selected a couple of my sketches just to show how many ideas I had. At first, I wanted to use Meshmixer to make a sword, then I realized that it wasn’t working. I decided to make a toy ladybug, but as time went on I realized it was just too difficult. I toyed (ha) with the idea of making a car, as shown in some of the sketches, but when I got into Tinkercad, I realized it was going to be hard to figure out. I decided to make a train, after looking up some toy trains. The ball, star, and heart atop the train were to give it individuality, rather than simply making a train shape. The letter H and numbers 1 8 stand for Hayley, and my age, 18. Finally, I painted it using metallic copper paint for the train and letters, and some simple acrylics for the rest. I found some sparkle embossing powder, and sprinkled it over the wet paint.



PO6 Final Project: Geometric Character




Geometric Character:

For this project, I decided to start by drawing a girl. I created the head, and a rectangular body. Then, when I colored the body like a dress, I realized that it looked a bit strange, so I created a triangular shape to add a “skirt” to the dress. After that, I added hair, using the width tool for her hair falling around her face. Then, I added hair buns and chopsticks, and gave her a Chinese look. I created a pattern, and then copy-and-pasted it all over the dress, and shoes. I also added shading to her. I used the width tool again to add eyelashes, but dismissed the idea of eyebrows, because it looked strange when I tried it–I had tried to use blue eyebrows so that they wouldn’t blend with her hair, but it still looked strange. After this, I gave it a red background, still thinking of Chinese elements, and added orange and white circles to the back for a lantern effect. I thought about adding lanterns by using the ellipse tool, but it seemed like it would be too difficult, and might make the character fade into the background. I also thought about adding a border, but again decided that it was unnecessary. I added light to her hair, and a jade-colored bracelet to her arm. When she was finished, I added some shading below her.


Minimalist Movie Poster:

The movie that I decided to do was the 2004 movie, Miracle, based on the 1980 Winter Olympic’s American Men’s Hockey Team. First, I drew a whistle, remembering a scene from the middle of the movie, and added a quote from the movie. I tried to think about how I could get rid of the quote, so I listed the things I knew about the movie. After that, I removed the quote, and added a sketch of a crutch and sketch of a skate being laced, reminiscent of something towards the end of the movie, when a character who had previously been injured joins an important game and scores the first shot. I added a paper texture that resembled ice, and then an ice texture on the outside, and played with blending modes until it looked right. I had originally wanted an ice texture in the place of the paper texture–a cracked ice, or skating rink texture–but I found that the white sketch of a skate was being drowned in whatever texture I put over it. The red, white, and blue symbolize the colors of the USA, and I liked how it seemed as if the sketches I drew were suspended in the middle–or just entering–the ice rink.






For this project, I started by drawing the blue square on the bottom left. As I began to due the blue squares in succession, I was thinking about water, kind of like square bubbles, rising and getting lighter. Then, I saw that I was heading towards the center of the page with the lightest blue square, and I thought about creating a red stream of ‘bubbles’ to the center. At this point I was thinking of doing a picture with elements: fire, water, earth, air, etc., converging in the center. As I created the pink and red, however, I thought about making the two colors–blue and red–converge into a purple cube. I created the purple cube, along with several tiny red and blue squares meant to look as if they’re melding to create¬†the purple square–since red and blue make purple.I decided on the colors I did as kind of a light-to-dark basis. However, when I did the reds, that kind of changed slightly, with some lighter colors in between the darker colors.Finally, I decided that the background looked too empty, so I added a large square of darker shades of the colors in the picture. I put the picture in photoshop, and used blending modes with a paper texture that I found.